Yemenwed ‘The Source’
The Source

2012, 21:31, HD Video, 16:9 aspect ratio

Based on a performance originally done in a New York City nightclub, “The Source” features an inspirational life coaching seminar conducted by a gigantic Ice Block. “Ice” a character who provides narration for a previous Yemenwed performance “No Image” talks of his experience collaborating with the group as well as how viewers can break on through into a life of abundance and well being If they follow his advice. Ice’s sermon begins and ends with two dances that serve as an on/off switch for his existence within the piece.


Script & Narration – Paul Kopkau
Direction/Animation – Alan Bibby, Jonathan Turner
Choreography & Performance – Megha Barnabas
Production Design – Shawn Maximo, Jonathan Turner
Cinematography – Jordan Levy
Styling – Alice Bertay
Hair/Makeup – Agata Helena
Sound Design – Paul Kopkau, Jonathan Turner
Lecture Photographs – Dina Chang, Jonathan Turner