Yemenwed ‘No Image, No. 1’
No Image, No. 1

2011, live performance, Olin Theater, Bard College, NY
(Re)Move/(Re)Frame, Curated by Courtney Malick, Center for Curatorial Studies and Hessel Museum of Art
29:35, HD Video, 16:9 aspect ratio

Yemenwed’s new performance piece No Image is an abstract examination of contemporary serialized crime drama and the American suburban landscape. The primary action of the piece unfolds in two distinct locations: a suburban living room interior and a slightly upscale suburban chain restaurant interior. The piece looks at a series of templates: the American legal system as portrayed on television, the suburban chain restaurant, and the dramatic television episode format. Through movement and dialogue, we explore how humans correspond to, and fit within, these varying and layered templates.

No Image has four main characters who partake in both dialogue and dance movement. The narrative is guided by an “object narrator” – a talking ice block that slowly melts during the performance. The stage set is composed of abstract interior objects, sculptures, projections, paintings, and video.

Performance Credits:

Writing (performance) – Megha Barnabas
Writing (dialog) – Melissa Ip
Choreography & Performance – Megha Barnabas, Gloria Maximo, Busy Gangnes & Melissa Ip
Video Projection – Jonathan Turner
Set Design – Shawn Maximo
Sculptures – Shawn Maximo
Sculptures – Paul Kopkau
Paintings – Gloria Maximo
Narration – Paul Kopkau
Costumes – Solomon Chase & David Toro
Soundtrack – Busy Gangnes, Justin Simon, & Timothy DeWit

Commercial Break Credits:

Direction & Animation – Alan Bibby & Jonathan Turner
Production – Mitsu Hagiwara
Cinematography – Shinichi Maruyama
Editing – Andrew Borin
Styling – Alice Bertay
Hair – Damian Monzillo
Makeup – Agata Helena
Performance – Busy Gangnes
Choreography – Busy Gangnes & Gloria Maximo
Music – Busy Gangnes, Justin Simon & Timothy DeWit
CG Modeling – Shawn Maximo & Jonathan Turner
CG Animation – Jonathan Turner
Flame Artist – Russell Mack
Flower Animation & Modeling – Sean Capone
Production Assistance – Tomoya Hara, Yoshito Niikura, Satoshi Motoda & Kiriko Sano

Performance Documentation Credits:

Direction – Timothy Saccenti
Cinematography – Timothy Saccenti, Alan Bibby & Oliver Power
Editing – Jonathan Turner
Live Sound Recording – Sam Cole