Yemenwed ‘Heavy Flow’

2014, 45:10, live performance

Heavy Flow features three live performers, who use gesture and vocalizations to communicate a personal and at times ecstatic relationship to their own physiology and to society. ICE, (a talking block of artificial ice) plays the role of the show’s host. The main set piece is a massage chamber built for four, which serves as an experiment in wellness design.


Megha Barnabas – writing, songwriting, choreography, performance
Tim Dewitt – music
Busy Gangnes – performance, musical direction, music
Melissa Ip – performance, make-up effects
Paul Kopkau – production design, ice block narration
Shawn Maximo – production design
Jonathan Turner – video projections, animation, lighting, editing, videography

Suzanne Couture – modelmaking
Avena Gallagher – costumes
Justin Simon – music

Pérez Art Museum Miami:

Emily Melo – project director
Katerina Llanes – project organizer

Denise Faxas – sound mixing
Daniel Walker – lighting