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The Because You’re Here Show
The Because You’re Here Show

2012, Live Performance, Workshop@ WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

The Because You’re Here Show is a performance set inside an abstract talk show environment. Three performers – Host, Guest and Make-up Artist examine the concept of communicating love and comfort through gesture, movement, words, and sound. The guest goes back and forth from a seated position in communication with the host to a standing improvisational dance in front of the audience, accompanied by live drumming. A live-feed projection is used to make the subtleties of facial choreography and hand gestures more visible.

Writing and Choreography - Megha Barnabas
Stage Design - Gloria Maximo
Music - Timothy DeWit
Performance - Megha Barnabas, Gloria Maximo, and Busy Gangnes
Styling - Alice Bertay
Video and projection - Jonathan Turner
Organized by Samara Davis and Alexander Fleming